Spedition Klümpen Straelen

Express transportation of fruit, vegetables, and dairy products

At Spedition Klümpen, we leave nothing to chance. For us, loyalty is not just an empty concept. Customers can count on having their fruit, vegetables, and dairy products delivered at all times. Whether it concerns a large-scale, refrigerated transportation, some urgent shipments, or back-orders that must be delivered at the last-minute. The express transport department is fast and on time with the delivery of smaller batches.

Express transportation

Short and direct open communication lines and an ‘agreement is an agreement’ mentality form the basis of successful express transportation. We pride ourselves in our solution-orientation and that is why Spedition Klümpen uses fast, refrigerated courier vans that are equipped with the latest navigation updates and experienced drivers who ensure lightning-fast services. The result is that the customer never ends up with empty hands. Spedition Klümpen is also your reliable partner for any ad hoc transportation that requires speed and a quality service.

Spedition Klümpen Straelen

Ad hoc transportation with speed and service




Spedition Klümpen Straelen

Differentiated refrigerated load capacities for fruit, vegetables, and dairy products.

From the German town of Straelen, just a stone’s throw away from the Dutch logistical hotspot of Venlo, special trailers with differentiated refrigerators deliver all kinds of fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. And, of course, at exactly the right temperature and at the agreed upon time. You can rely on that!

Range of services

Customers can rely on our integrity and the high quality of transport anytime, anywhere.

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Quality means that all strict quality requirements with regard to operational management are met.

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Spedition Klümpen Straelen

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