Spedition Klümpen Straelen

All climate controlled cold storage facilities

Spedition Klümpen transports non-stop fresh, cooled products. In addition to this climate-controlled transportation, Klümpen is also your ideal partner for the storage and transhipment of all your fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. The impressive, fully climate-controlled warehouse distribution centre has a very large capacity which allows Spedition Klümpen to offer a complete package of distribution, expedition, and refrigerated transportation. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

Refrigerated warehousing

While functioning as a storage centre, our climate-controlled warehouses also serve as repackaging, labelling, and quality control centres for the fruit and vegetables. All the important IFS certificates are of course available and customisation of the packaging, repackaging, and palletisers facilitate accurate an efficient supply management. The cold store products can be live-tracked by the customer, an innovation that shows that Spedition Klümpen is always thinking ahead and in the customer’s interests. An extra guarantee for reliability and quality. Our digital doors are also always open at Spedition Klümpen.

Spedition Klümpen Straelen

A complete and customised package




Spedition Klümpen Straelen

Differentiated refrigerated load capacities for fruit, vegetables, and dairy products.

From the German town of Straelen, just a stone’s throw away from the Dutch logistical hotspot of Venlo, special trailers with differentiated refrigerators deliver all kinds of fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. And, of course, at exactly the right temperature and at the agreed upon time. You can rely on that!

Range of services

Customers can rely on our integrity and the high quality of transport anytime, anywhere.

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Quality means that all strict quality requirements with regard to operational management are met.

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Spedition Klümpen Straelen

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